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Rural Housing Construction & Renovation Volunteer Trips

This project involves housing construction and renovation in rural areas. Housing is one of the basic human needs that everyone deserves. However, most of the rural people who live in poverty, especially Dalits, disabled people and senior single women in Nepal are unable afford housing construction and renovation costs. So, they continue to live in poorly build, unhealthy, conjugated and unsafe housing. Most of the health related problems among rural people are associated with poor housing conditions, surrounding environment, inadequate water supplies and household related-sanitation issues. Poor housing structures are porn to natural hazards such as earthquakes. So, this project aim to build new cost-effective yet safe house for marginalized groups in rural areas of Nepal.

Low-cost housing Construction & Renovation Volunteers will work to build a cost-effective and safe house. However, if you are joining the project in small group, you will participate in renovating existing houses to improve health and safety standard.

This program is suitable for university student groups, corporate groups and group of responsible travelers who wish to experience local culture and people. If you are looking for meaningful group tour options, this program is perfect for you.

Itinerary can be scheduled as per the your time availability.

You can send your inquiry via the form below.